2018 Documentary 2nd Place, Charlotte Zinda, Seattle Academy of the Arts
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Student observer notes: this photo was part of a 2-way tie for 2nd place.

  • The judges argued on what story the photos were supposed to be telling.
  • One judge didn’t think that the series of three photos was really telling a story. The judge said that although the photographs were nice and clean he didn’t know what he was supposed to think about them.
  • Another judge defended the photo(s) and said that it gave him a nostalgic and strangely familiar suburban feeling. He said that the photograph(s) reminded him of ones from the 70s and 80s and that it was a retro throwback almost. As for the story, he believed that it was documenting America in the spaces “in between”.
  • The other judge replied with “I can buy that” and the photo series was chosen as the 2nd place winner.