2018 Portrait 3rd Place, Lindy Guerrero, Tacoma School of the Arts
Red Judge Points: 
Green Judge Points: 
Total Judging Points: 
Contest Place Points: 

Student observer notes: this photo was part of a 3-way tie for 2nd place.

  • The judges really liked the classic nature of the black and white photo.
  • One judge mentioned that the two photographs that were pink and green would look good in a gallery together because they were complementary.
  • All finally agreed that the black and white photograph should be chosen as 2nd place.
  • When deciding between the pink and green photos, all the judges had a hard time. They discussed how both photographs had total opposite moods.
  • One judge said that the pink portrait was more of a retro throwback and liked the color scheme, but another judge said that he thought the photograph was more flat and symmetrical and had less of an impact.
  • All judges liked the green photo’s composition and they thought it had more of an impact.
  • The portrait of the boy in green was chosen as 3rd place.